As a result of a series of operations carried out by the employees of the Nizami District Police Department, the 24th Police Department and the 23rd Police Department, persons who illegally kept firearms and ammunition were detained.

APA was informed about this by the MIA.

It was noted that during the events, Ramil Mammadli, Eldeniz Aliyev and Umid Gafarov were arrested and submitted for investigation.

1 Kalashnikov machine gun, 1 comb, 12 cartridges, methamphetamine, a psychotropic substance, from Ramil Mammadli, as well as from the car he was driving, 1 Kalashnikov machine gun, 1 comb, 9 cartridges from Umid Gafarov, from Eldeniz Aliyev and "Browning" pistol and 2 cartridges were found.

The detained persons said that they had acquired firearms and ammunition some time ago, but they kept them with the purpose of selling them without handing them over to the police.

It was also found out that one of the persons detained during the investigation - Ramil Mammadli, made posts promoting criminality on social networks under the name "Salamat Ramil".

The Investigation Department of the Nizami District Office continues to investigate the discovered facts