Jennifer Lopez (Jennifer Lopez) has always been sexy and hot. When she was shooting an advertisement for the Italian underwear brand Intimissimi, which she endorsed, she showed off her figure in pink underwear yesterday (16) On the same day, she took another hot photo. She put on a black sexy dress. The super high-slit design fully showed her long legs against the sky, and once again set a new level of hotness. 

Jennifer Lopez can be said to be a model of a mature woman. At the age of 53, she married her old love Ben Affleck (Ben Affleck) last year. After 20 years, the two finally got married. It is a good story. Jennifer Lopez is not only brave Chasing love, being proud of her family, and maintaining her career at its peak, she owns her own skin care brand JLo Beauty, and is also the spokesperson of the boutique brand Coach. Others, including sports drinks, health food, underwear, and accessories, are attracted by her mature charm and invite her Serve as spokesperson.

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Jennifer Lopez's lingerie ad is super hot.

(Reposted from JLo IG, the same below) 

She took another hot photo on her personal IG yesterday, this time promoting a new shoe series for Revolve, a luxury shopping website. She was wearing a black dress tailored for her by designer Michael Kors , the design of the high slit is close to the root of the leg, the outer cover is black mesh, and the feet are wearing feather high heels. Fans praise this as the sexiest look in her history; the upper body of the other look is a cross-cut design, which also highlights her good figure. She He maintains his figure by exercising and diet control on weekdays, and has strict self-discipline. No wonder fans are amazed every time he makes an appearance.

Revolve and Jennifer Lopez launch collaboration boots.

Jennifer Lopez shows off her beautiful legs.

Every look of Jennifer Lopez is invincible and sexy.

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