Erina will collaborate with Ken Shimizu for her Japanese debut.

(Reposted from Hui Linai IG)

[Entertainment Channel/Comprehensive Report] Hong Kong AV actress Erina will make her debut in Japan. It is reported that she will face the popular Japanese AV actor Ken Shimizu in her debut work, which also caused a lot of discussion.

Netizens also picked up on the actress, and her past black history was also dug up. She once revealed on the show that she had cheated many times just to avenge her boyfriend for stealing food.

Hui Linai shared her experience of being cheated on the show last year. In order to get revenge on her boyfriend, she decided to deal with him in the same way. She cheated 4 times a year, and her boyfriend didn’t realize it. Let her confess to him and make it public Chat content with cheating partner.

The boyfriend lost control on the spot and was violently treated by the other party.

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Erina's black history was dug up and sparked discussions.

(Reposted from Hui Linai IG)

Hui Linai also shared that she was mistaken for cheating on a certain occasion, was beaten by her boyfriend and sent to the hospital, and was left with a scar because of it.

As soon as Erina's debut article was published, it sparked widespread discussion. Faleno's official website was paralyzed for a while, and the number of views of her debut article approached one million.

AV expert Yijian Huanchunqiu is also very optimistic about her, thinking that she can have a good influence in the Japanese AV industry.

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