Taiwan's popular women's shoe brand D+AF focuses on modern designs and affordable prices, and its physical store is even known as "the most beautiful shoe store in Taiwan" and is widely loved by consumers.

The brand has recently entered the Japanese shopping mall Mitsui Lalaport in Taichung and opened a new concept store. On the first day of opening today (16), the brand spokesperson Shao Yuwei was also invited to the fashionable platform. Was he "broken" by her boyfriend Wu Kangren for taking over the endorsement job?

Shao Yuwei attended the opening event of the new D+AF store.

(provided by the brand)

Shao Yuwei was invited to attend the opening event of D+AF Taichung Lalaport store today. She was wearing a lavender two-piece small dress, and her pair of slender legs were stepping on the brand's spring and summer new "Best Actress" 9cm plain face High heels catch the eye.

She shared that the secret of her dressing and matching is to be comfortable, to like herself, and to be confident when she wears it. Therefore, when choosing shoes, she will also pay great attention to details such as whether it can modify the shape of her legs and make her legs look longer. Through shoes Matching shoes add points for yourself.

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Shao Yuwei matched styles for the models on the spot.

(provided by the brand)

Shao Yuwei, who considers herself a "shoe addict", also shared many crazy deeds of buying shoes in the past. She once bought seven pairs of shoes because she suddenly found out "how could I not have high heels?" Bao Se, she also has a reasonable explanation for her impulse shopping, she said: "Because the regret of 'not buying it' is much different from the regret of 'after buying it', after buying it, if you don't like it, then find a suitable friend It’s good to give it away, but if you don’t buy it, just thinking about it will hurt!” She also laughed and said that she was often complained by her boyfriend Wu Kangren that the shoes were scattered around the shoe cabinet and they were not put away properly, causing him to walk and often accidentally kicked I realized, "After becoming a spokesperson, there are more shoes and the house is more crowded, and I often hear complaints about unaccepted shoes!"

The "Best Actress" 9cm plain pointed high heels are available in ten different colors, each NTD2,080.

(provided by the brand)

The D+AF Taichung Lalaport store is the first time the brand has entered a department store. The spacious space of nearly 200 square meters is not only the largest store of the brand so far, but also created with a new style element "resort style".

In addition to the terraced booths that can make the product vision more regular, the beautiful cave walls that add a layered sense to the minimalist space, and the hanging chairs in the resort style of Bali, the store is also displayed in the store through details such as green plants and rattan ceilings. The interior creates a cozy atmosphere like an urban oasis.

For the first time, Kuankuang store also introduced the "technical order shoes" service. You only need to give an order in the store, and a shoe delivery robot will help deliver the designated shoes to you, which can not only effectively save the waiting time when trying on shoes , It is also more convenient to find the destined shoes that suit you.

D+AF Taichung Lalaport store introduced the "technical shoes" service for the first time.

(provided by the brand)

D+AF Taichung Lalaport store is designed in a holiday style.

(provided by the brand)

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