Pandora syndrome or feline idiopathic cystitis is a non-infectious inflammatory disease mainly in young cats.

The main cause of idiopathic cystitis is stress.

Moving, changing the place of residence, the appearance of another animal or child in the family - all this can cause problems for the animal.


  • Frequent urination or urinary retention.

  • Urination in unauthorized places.

  • A change in posture during the process (the animal "strains") or the animal screams in pain and discomfort.

  • Urine has changed color - from dark yellow to pink or red.

To determine that the cat has idiopathic cystitis, diagnosis is important, which includes urine analysis and ultrasound.

Urinalysis is the main thing in diagnosis, because it determines the high density of urine, the absence of bacteria, the presence of blood and a small amount of crystals.

Urolithiasis (urolithiasis), neoplasms, and behavioral problems should be excluded.

The main treatment is:

  • elimination of stress factors and correction of behavior;

  • anti-inflammatory drugs;

  • increase in the amount of water consumed;

  • in the presence of crystals - preventive diet.

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