There is no such term as Islamophobia.

Because Islam has nothing to do with pathology and psychosis.

In the European Union, some work is being done around this expression.

APA reports that this was stated by Yahya Pallavicini, Chairman of EULEMA Council of European Muslim Leaders, Vice President of Italian COREIS Religious Community, ISESCO Ambassador for Dialogue, "Islamophobia as a Specific Form of Racism and Discrimination: New Global and "Building harmonious societies by promoting religious diversity and interreligious respect" at the international conference on "transnational challenges", he said during his speech at the plenary session.

The chairman drew attention to the Baku process: "During the Baku process in 2008, an intercultural and interreligious approach was formed. The Baku process played the role of a very serious initiative to organize East-West intercultural dialogue and cooperation. Thanks to this, a new path began to open at this level."