Generative AI became a topic, and Google declared war on Microsoft.


Declare war on Microsoft!

Google announced that it will import generative AI into Google Workspace, first in Gmail and Google files, and gradually push it to testers this year, before it will be made available to the public.

Google said that by importing generative AI's Gmail and Google documents, users only need to enter the topic they want to write, and the system will automatically generate a draft immediately. More advice.

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According to the official plan, starting from the English version in the United States in March, it will be allowed to be used by some testers first. After repeated testing and improvement, the new functions will be expanded and opened later. The specific time is unknown.

Google files, Gmail added generative AI.


Google also said that future generative AI new features include writing drafts, replies, email summaries and setting email priorities in Gmail; co-authoring, proofreading, writing and re-editing in Google documents; automatically generating images in Google presentations , audio, and video; in Google Spreadsheets for in-depth analysis with autocomplete, formula generation, and contextual categorization; in Google Meet, generate new context and record meeting summaries; in Google Chat, enable workflows to complete tasks.

It is rumored that Microsoft is also preparing to integrate similar functions into Office services, including Word, Teams and Outlook, etc. Google's move is obviously to be the first to disclose.

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