[Reporter Yi Huici/Comprehensive Report] "Goddess of Epidemic Prevention" Jia Yongjie posted a post on Facebook a few days ago, recalling that 10 years ago, she rushed to the Tokyo Dome to watch the classic game, and she even took off her pink bikini to cheer for Taiwan. It was so hot Body photos were also unearthed.

Ten years later, she went to the Intercontinental Stadium to challenge Lin Xiang in person, calling herself an "old lady cheerleader". She posted a message last night saying that the game was very moving, and the whole family sat in the fragrance distribution area. Lin Xiang, who broke the news that her husband's mobile phone was full, had 100 cards.

Jia Yongjie.

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Jia Yongjie went to the Taichung Intercontinental Stadium to watch Taiwan vs. Holland. She posted last night, "Thank you to our Taiwanese heroes, you have worked hard." She said that she is still immersed in the passion of the game until now. Thank you Taiwan team for bringing you two wonderful games In the competition, "I am honored to participate in the scene, I am really touched and proud." She also showed the picture of her son participating in the salute to Zhang Yucheng, full of joy.

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She said, "We sat in the fragrance area, it smells so good, thank you to all the classic girl cheerleaders for driving the atmosphere", but changed the subject to say that although her husband was full of girls blocking his camera, he couldn't take pictures of the contestants , but she clearly saw that "the mobile phone is full of photos of girls, and I am very serious about taking pictures of the contestants...", Jia Yongjie also showed Lin Xiang taken by her husband, and in the photo Lin Xiang also looked at her husband. In the end, she said that her husband took 100 pictures and kept taking pictures.

Jia Yongjie showed her husband's photo of Lin Xiang, and it can be seen that Lin Xiang and her husband's eyes met.

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She finally said, "In short, even though we lost today, it didn't affect our morale at all. It's really tiring! Otherwise, we'll compete next time when we get enough sleep." We are Team Taiwan Taiwan Taiwan Taiwan, cool".

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