French pianist David Frye will make his first visit to Taiwan in May.

(provided by Xinxiang)

[Reporter Ling Meixue/Taipei Report] Commented by the German newspaper Die Welt as "the best example of a philosophical musician", French pianist David Frye will visit Taiwan for the first time in May and give a full performance Bach's Goldberg Variations.

David Frye, 41 years old, started to learn piano at the age of 4, and later entered the Paris Conservatory of Music under the teacher Jacques.


Award-winning qualifications include the important "Instrumentalist of the Year" award of Echo Classical Music, the Newcomer Award of the Ruhr Piano Festival, the 2008 BBC Music Magazine Newcomer Award, etc.

With lively rhythm, excellent sound quality and profound interpretation, he is known as the most creative pianist playing Bach's works in the 21st century.

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For this first visit to Taiwan to perform "Goldberg Variations", the organizer of Xinxiang Artistic Director Fan Mannong believes that he can use his unique interpretation to show the intricate interaction between the different voices in the Variations.

Fan Manong also relayed David.

"Playing the Goldberg Variations is a real test for mere mortals like me ... it's a life's work and a life's work," said Frye.


Fry pointed out, "'Goldberg Variations' is actually quite modern, 'veränderungen', which means 'Transformations' in German. After the chapters of the music go through these illusions, you go back to the original simple theme and complete the transformation. , also brings a kind of eternal regeneration." On May 10, it will be performed at the Taipei National Concert Hall, and on May 12 at the Kaohsiung Weiwuying National Concert Hall.

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