[Reporter Zhong Zhikai/Taipei Report] In 2017, with only 18% chance of good luck, Zeng Ziyu won a suitable house and bought a 50-square-meter house with parking space in Linkou for 8.5 million. He said that last year, his family suffered an accident, so he wanted to change to a smaller one. The size of the house is about 30 pings and 2 bedrooms. "Last year, I heard from my friend that the old apartment on the 5th floor of Muzha had roofs on it. Although it is relatively old, I heard that 10 million is enough."

Zeng Ziyu (right) once looked for Huang Tenghui's fortune-telling board.

(Photo by reporter Zhong Zhikai)

Currently living in Linkou, he complains that the environment is too humid. He has to turn on the dehumidifier all day long, and there will be a lot of water droplets on the glass. Worried that staying for a long time would harm his mother's health, so he hoped to find a chance to move out. It was so humid that even a corner of the wooden floor would warp, which made him worry that the decoration would slowly rot afterwards.

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He once read the horoscope to his master Huang Tenghui, as long as there is a house in use, his career will be prosperous. Therefore, he suggested that if he wants to buy a new small house, it is best not to sell the current Linkou house, but to rent it out. It is said that the rent can be more than 20,000 yuan.

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