The Liaoning pickled cabbage and white meat pot with live sea crab is a unique way of eating by Dongxiang Kitchen.

The pot king set meal for two is 6880 yuan.

(Photo/provided by Dongxiang Kitchen)

Taiwanese love to eat hot pot, but they may not know how to cook hot pot.

Dongxiang Kitchen, who won the 2021 Kaohsiung "Dagang Eating Pot" food selection championship and is known as the "Kaohsiung Pot King". fine dining's exquisite new menu and "cooking manager" tableside service, from the preparation of dipping sauce to simmering, etc. are all professional, all appointments are required, and only 15 guests are accepted at a time, creating the best experience of cooking pot!

Dongxiang Kitchen’s well-received frozen home delivery products during the epidemic also have new products. The hot-selling braised beef pot and Sichuan spicy beef pot are back in the rivers and lakes. The frozen knife-sliced ​​wide noodles with elastic teeth are transformed into a beef noodle set that can be enjoyed by one person. Open for ordering.

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Dongxiang Kitchen has changed to a new menu since March, adding welcome tea, old-style platters, and special desserts to enhance the delicacy of the accompanying meals, and also make the service more meticulous and considerate. Special training for hot pot "cooking" "Liren" is not only familiar with the sources and flavor characteristics of various ingredients, but also masters the order of cooking, cooking time and optimal ripeness, so as to enhance the taste and flavor of customers when tasting.

Dongxiang Kitchen, a well-known restaurant in Kaohsiung, launched a new menu in March. At the same time, the hot pot cooker provides shabu-shabu service to enhance the taste and flavor of the taste.

(Photo/provided by Dongxiang Kitchen)

The chef and director Bai Yuhao said that the primary responsibility of the cook is to present the best taste of the pot, such as pork, lamb, chicken, and seafood must be cooked in the first round. "Pork fat and sour cabbage are the most delicious. It can soften the acidity of the fermented old stew. When serving, we will cook the pork belly slices for the guests first, and invite everyone to taste the original taste of the first soup." Cooking lamb, chicken, seafood and sour cabbage together also has a synergistic effect. It tastes sour and fresh, fresh and sour.

Beef tends to make the soup cloudy, and it is the only meat that Bai Yuhao does not recommend cooking in the first round.

After the meat is cooked, handmade meatballs and dumplings will come on stage. The chef will give you a sincere small dish that the chef will not sell. This season, heilun is fried with swordfish paste mixed with a little water chestnut and carrot. It tastes soft and delicious, full of seafood.

However, leafy vegetables with high water content and strong-flavored mushrooms will dilute or destroy the original flavor of sauerkraut. Bai Yuhao recommends cooking it at the end of the meal.

In addition, Bai Yuhao pointed out that even when the soup is added to the pot in the store, the precious sour cabbage fermented juice is added to the pot. This is also the secret of the Dongxiang Small Kitchen hot pot that can be cooked for a long time and always maintain a sour and mellow taste.

The welcome tea contained in the bottom of the pot is cold-brewed with red jade black tea, and then injected with carbon dioxide to produce a bubble taste.

The Dongxiang old flavor platter can be eaten with the store's signature northern sauced meat and side dishes from military dependents' villages.

(Photo/provided by Dongxiang Kitchen)

Dongxiang Kitchen’s frozen home delivery also has new products. During the epidemic, the best-selling Guowang Braised Beef Pot and Shuxiang Spicy Beef Pot have returned to the rivers and lakes. Attractive buttery aroma.

Shu-flavored spicy beef comes from a recipe shared by friends in Sichuan. The soft and tender meat slices and the mellow soup that is both fragrant, spicy, and hemp are very tasty. The quality is not inferior to that of famous spicy restaurants in the market. Beef noodles to be able to enjoy.

The must-buy Shuxiang Spicy Beef Noodles and the Military Village Braised Beef Noodles for frozen home delivery are available at a special price of 2,900 yuan per group of 10 with shipping included.

(Photo/provided by Dongxiang Kitchen)


Dongxiang Kitchen

Address: No. 177, Tibet Street, Gushan District, Kaohsiung City

Tel: (07) 521-0363

FB fan special: Dongxiang Kitchen

Business Information: Lunch 11:00~14:30, Dinner 17:30~21: 20, closed on Tuesday.

Reservation system is required, and reservations are required for meals. The minimum consumption for internal consumption is 1600 yuan/person + 10%. It is recommended to make an appointment 3 to 5 days in advance for frozen home delivery.

※If there is any change in the above information, please refer to the latest announcement.

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