South Korea's popular girl group TWICE performed their second English single "MOONLIGHT SUNRISE" live for the first time at the Billboard's 2023 Women in Music award ceremony in the United States last week. The group released the MV teaser for another new song "SET ME FREE", which is different from the previous American-style hot girl style. All members appeared in a simple white top, white wide pants, and white canvas shoes. The 9 members were also bold With the concept of "removing makeup without makeup", fans were even more surprised that the appearance of TWICE members after removing makeup was not much different. They praised: "It's still so beautiful", "The concept is so good", "A beauty is still a beauty after removing makeup", "Can't wait to see the full version."

TWICE's new song "SET ME FREE" MV teaser, all members appearing without makeup caused controversy among netizens.

Mina and Dahyun are famous for their good skin.

TWICE released the MV teaser for the new song "SET ME FREE" yesterday (5). At the beginning of the video, the member MOMO walked to the dressing table from the back, and then brought the smashed blush and smudged lip gloss to the table, and then the members separated Use makeup remover to wipe off the eye makeup, base makeup, lip gloss, and take off the false eyelashes. In the last scene, all the members fit together, showing up without makeup, echoing the concept of removing makeup, returning to self, and rejecting anxious looks.

There is almost no difference in Tzuyu's appearance after removing makeup.

As soon as the video came out, it unexpectedly caused a lot of controversy among the people: "The eyeliner and lip gloss are still there when the makeup is removed, so where is the makeup?" TWICE fans also argued that the shooting process was just a concept, and the last scene was full of makeup. Could it be Does a beautiful woman without makeup have to be a different person?

He also brought up many examples, including that MINA used to shoot real-life advertisements for skin care products without makeup, Tzuyu often appeared in the mirror without makeup when taking selfies, and Tzuyu is famous for "ineffective makeup". The makeup of previous albums was often criticized. She is more beautiful without makeup!

One sentence instantly slapped people in the face.

TWICE will return with the 12th mini-album "READY TO BE" on March 10th, and will launch its 5th world tour concert. To celebrate TWICE's return, the Empire State Building in the United States will light up TWICE's colors on the 10th.

The Empire State Building announced that it will light up TWICE's colors on the 10th.

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