[Reporter Yang Xinhan/Taipei Report] Japanese billiard queen Ai Fukuhara has a stable relationship with her boyfriend "Yokohama Otani Shohei", and was even captured by the Japanese media. She has a new move in China recently, announcing Launched virtual products for fans to collect, claiming to release a limited number of 3999 pieces.

Ai Fukuhara recorded short videos to promote her virtual products.

(Turn over Weibo)

The FanFirst platform, which cooperates with Ai Fukuhara, posted in the community: "The first public appearance to meet you is the well-known Japanese athlete Ai Fukuhara. As the official platform for the exclusive distribution of digital humans, the FanFirst team has carefully designed an exclusive limited digital human image belonging to Ai Fukuhara. , so that fans can have a unique Aijiang digital person and obtain an exclusive identity."

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Ai Fukuhara entered the Yuan Universe in China, recorded a promotional video in person, and said in Chinese: "I am Ai Fukuhara, the director of Asutida Ryukyu. I and all the members of Asutida Ryukyu will release our exclusive digital humans and digital products on the FF platform. Yes, please support us, thank you." Appeared and shouted to Chinese fans.

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