Foreign media broke the news that the mute button of the iPhone 15 Pro will adopt a new design.


The CAD drawings of the iPhone 15 Pro series that were exposed a while ago let everyone have a clearer understanding of the appearance of the next-generation new machine. Foreign media 9to5Mac once again exposed more details. The switchable mute button that fruit fans are accustomed to seems to be ready to go into history. , will adopt a new design.

The Apple iPhone has had a mute button since the first generation in 2007. You can mute the sound with one push of your finger. It can be said to be a unique feature of the iPhone. It is not common in Android phones. I think the iPhone mute button is "super unnecessary", but there are also people who are "super practical and useful for meetings".

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9to5Mac has further revealed recently that the iPhone 15 Pro series is expected to change the classic switchable mute button to a push button structure, which can switch the phone to silent mode by pressing it, changing the existing practice.

Apple has had a mute button design since the first generation of iPhone, and it continues to this day.

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The iPhone 15 Pro series is moving towards the elimination of traditional mechanical buttons, and the volume button is also changed to a solid-state button with capacitive touch, and it is integrated, which means that the volume button is not two separate buttons. Location.

The new solid-state volume button will vibrate when pressed hard, just like the Home button effect of iPhone 7.

Before the official release of the iPhone, Apple usually provides CAD files for accessory manufacturers, so that manufacturers can prepare protective covers and other related accessories before the launch of the mobile phone, so that they can be sold simultaneously with the new phone. Therefore, relevant revelations are possible.

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