Chimei Hospital and the Nanshi Health Bureau dispatched visitors to jointly visit patients with psychosis, provide medical resources and care, and assist in returning to the community.

(Photo by reporter Wang Junzhong)

[Reporter Wang Junzhong/Tainan Report] Xiao Yang (pseudonym), a 45-year-old man, suffered from schizophrenia at the age of 20. It has been 25 years since he stopped taking the drug due to side effects and poor sense of illness. Degeneration, and often conflicts with others due to mental symptoms, until the physical abnormality was sent to the hospital, and comprehensive medical care was obtained.

However, Xiaoyang lost contact after he was discharged from the hospital, and his family members were busy, making it difficult to contact him. With the efforts of individual administrators from the Psychiatric Department of Chimei Hospital and visitors from the Nanshi Health Bureau, Xiaoyang was finally contacted, allowing him to connect to medical resources smoothly, and his condition gradually stabilized. , Return to the community rehabilitation center.

The Nanshi Health Bureau stated that the city government has completed the site selection and establishment of community mental health centers in five places including Yanyan, Beiqu, Annan, Guanmiao, and Shanhua, and plans to set up nine community mental health centers in the city by 2030. Fight against schizophrenia.

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Lin Jianhe, Director of Psychiatry at Chimei Hospital, pointed out that statistics from the Ministry of Health and Welfare in 2021 show that about 152,000 Chinese people seek medical treatment due to psychosis, quasi-psychosis, delusions, and other non-emotional mental illnesses, of which males and females account for About half of them are aged between 40 and 65. According to the statistics from Chi Mei Hospital from 2019 to 2022, an average of 8,800 medical visits due to schizophrenia are made each year, and there is an increasing trend year by year, with an average increase of 500 visits per year.

Lin Jianhe said that schizophrenia (formerly known as schizophrenia) is a chronic disease of dopamine imbalance in the brain. Although patients may experience auditory hallucinations and visual hallucinations, as long as early treatment and regular medication can maintain the original cognitive ability and life function.

However, when patients discontinue medication or unstable treatment, the relapse rate will be 5 times that of those on stable treatment; and when patients are discharged from the hospital after treatment, the period from 3 to 6 months is the period with the highest risk of rehospitalization, self-injury and violent behavior.

From May 2022, the National Health Insurance Administration will provide comprehensive care for patients with schizophrenia during the critical period of 3 months after discharge, and will also provide home visit care services for patients who have not seen a doctor for a long time. Nearly 100 times, it was also the first time in Tainan that the personal administrators of the hospital and the staff of the Health Bureau went to visit together to provide emotional support and care for patients.

Lin Hongrong, President of Chimei Hospital, emphasized that the visit process needs to be through the perspective of holistic medicine, "a person is composed of body, mind and soul", so that the psychiatric medical team can see the emotional distress caused by the stigma, in addition to continuing the medical and drug services. Or the irregularity of taking medicine caused by the above-mentioned hatred for medicine; I also saw the frustration and helplessness accompanying the family members' difficulties in caring for individual cases, as well as the hesitation and hesitation they experienced when facing different units.

If you or your relatives and friends have troubles such as auditory hallucinations and hallucinations, you can take the initiative to seek assistance from medical resources, so that relevant resources can help you face the disease.

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