Liang Wenli (left)'s two-sided attitude caused controversy.

(Reposted from Liang Wenli, Leung Gigi IG)

[Entertainment Channel/Comprehensive Report] Gigi Leung went to the Coliseum to sing on the 17th of this month, and DJ Liang Wenli, a well-known Hong Kong radio station, initially stated that Gigi Leung was beautiful in a limited-time IG feed, but unexpectedly, she blasted her for "poor singing" on her personal Facebook account After the two attitudes were exposed, they were criticized as "double-sided" by the outside world, and the radio station also issued an announcement today to punish them.

Gigi Leung held a concert at the Red Hall a few days ago.

(Reposted from Gigi Leung's IG)

Liang Wenli first praised Gigi Leung for being beautiful on IG, but wrote on Facebook, "The song is poorly composed, the dance is poor, and of course she sings poorly.

" "Wearing (one) piece of paper towel after wiping off nosebleeds"" was criticized for his double-faced behavior. He also explained the radio program and sent an apology message to the singer.

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In fact, Liang Wenli is not the first time to criticize an artist in the community. In the past, he used his personal account to criticize Eason Chan for "singing with a black face until he lost his temper", and also called the boy group MIRROR "raping Leslie Cheung's works".

Now that this incident broke out again, his Hong Kong Commercial Radio announced on the 27th that it would suspend his host position for 3 months.

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