Taiping Mountain City on the West Bank of Keelung, painted by Zheng Kaixiang, won the Merit Award in the Urban Art Competition.

(Photo by reporter Lu Xianxiu)

[Reporter Lu Hyun-soo / Keelung Report] "Re-recognize the city with a gentle heart"!

Zheng Kaixiang, a Taiwanese street house painter, recently worked as a resident artist at the Taipingshan City Art Store on the West Bank of Keelung. In more than half a year, he traveled all over the mountains and seas of Keelung, and painted 70 Keelung paintings. citizen life.

His painting of Taiping Mountain City on the west bank of Keelung Harbor won the Merit Award in the "City Art Contost" urban art competition, allowing people from all over the world to see the beauty of Keelung, Taiwan.

The current situation of Taiping Mountain City on the West Bank of Keelung painted by Zheng Kaixiang.

(Photo by reporter Lu Xianxiu)

Zheng Kaixiang often walks around the city to find his creative themes, and sketches on the spot to complete the paintings. He has traveled to various cities in Taiwan and painted nearly 200 street houses. He selected 100 of them and published the book Street House Taiwan. The distinctive old houses, as well as various interesting signboards, etc., paint the authentic Taiwanese taste of ordinary people, and in each painting, he will write down his feelings and stories, and feel that the scenes in his paintings come to mind middle.

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At the invitation of Yin Baoning, a professor at the Institute of Arts Management and Cultural Policy at National Taiwan University of Arts, Zheng Kaixiang came to Keelung's west bank mountain city as a resident artist to share his creative experience with the residents and students of the mountain city.

Zheng Kaixiang painted City God on tour.

(Photo by reporter Lu Xianxiu)

Zheng Kaixiang restored the style and appearance of the ancient houses in Linkai County, Keelung.

(Provided by Zheng Kaixiang)

Keelung held a city fair last year and opened the famous "ghost house" Lin Kaiqun House in Keelung. Zheng Kaixiang painted a picture for the old house, restoring the style of the old house that was not covered by the viaduct, and hung it in the Lin Kaiqun house. At that time, people lined up to enter the old house Visited and saw the portrait of the old house "so beautiful".

Zheng Kaixiang walked around Keelung, painting Baimiweng Fortress, Qiuzishan Lighthouse, Badouzi Fishing Port, Fortress Command, and Kishida Wufu Store. He believes that the Keelung historic sites have been well renovated in recent years.

In addition to painting, he also takes the initiative to get in touch with local stories. He was very impressed. When he was creating at the fishing port, he chatted with an old lady. She kept lamenting that "the fishery is exhausted." He drew the fisherman on the boat The scene of work.

In addition, he also participated in the night patrol activities of the City God, and drew the grand occasion of the City God's tour.

Keelung's consignment shop is also one of his creations. He said that there are many great stories in the consignment shop, and he was also invited to exhibit at the consignment shop.

Yin Baoning said that Zheng Kaixiang's paintings have a sense of life, and his writing is also very warm and touching, close to the citizens. He posted his works on Facebook and received a lot of response, leading others to re-understand the city.

Zheng Kaixiang said that although Keelung is a small city, it is a city with mountains and seaports, delicious food and interesting places. It is a very interesting and square city. He likes Keelung very much.

He participated in the "City Art Contost" urban art competition with his paintings of Taiping Mountain City, a landmark on the west coast of Keelung Port, and won a merit award. In addition, his street house has French and Japanese versions in Taiwan, and the Spanish version has been translated and will be published soon. Everyone can see the beauty of Taiwan.

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