Sammi Cheng is known as the "Queen of Change".

(Reposted from Zheng Xiuwen IG)

[Entertainment Channel/Comprehensive Report] 50-year-old Hong Kong star Sammi Cheng has outstanding achievements in music, film and television. The scraping photos were posted in the community, and the large "blood spots" made fans feel distressed.

Sammi Cheng has a full schedule recently. In addition to being busy with the promotion of the movie "Flowing Water and Falling Flowers", she also attended commercial performances and Gigi Leung's concert guests. Yesterday she posted a series of limited-time updates on IG. One of them was naked, showing a large purple-red bruise Madara, wrote "Tired", and fans are worried about her physical condition.

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Zheng Xiuwen's physical condition makes fans feel distressed.

(Reposted from Zheng Xiuwen IG)

Immediately afterward, Sammi Cheng posted a post, posting photos with director Jia Shengfeng and actor Lu Junguang of "Flowing Water and Falling Flowers". According to reports, Sammi Cheng participated in the filming with zero pay, supporting Hong Kong films with actions and helping emerging directors grow. Fans are also heartwarming, "We can all see the efforts of you and the same team", "will continue to support".

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