Cosmos Hotel Taipei, Taipei Garden Hotel and World Trade Center International Center are selling "Tian Fu Ping An-Pig Knuckle Noodle Gift Box" before March 31 at a preferential price of 888 yuan per box.

(Photo/provided by the hotel)

In 2023, the Year of the Rabbit coincides with the double-spring year of Leap February, a leap month that occurs every three years. There is a saying in Taiwanese folklore that "parents reduce their lifespan during leap years". Therefore, married daughters should prepare pig's knuckle noodles and return to their parents' homes at this time. Add longevity to parents.

Star hotels including Cosmos Hotel Taipei, Taipei Garden Hotel, World Trade Center International Center and Millennium Sun Moon Hotel Taichung under Cosmos Hotel Group have also launched a combination of frozen pork knuckles and handmade noodles in response to etiquette. The generous gift box packaging adds to the It is also more convenient to express filial piety through home delivery, delivery and other services.

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According to traditional folk customs in Taiwan, a married daughter needs to prepare pork knuckle noodles and return to her natal home before the leap month (2023 is from March 22 to April 19 in the national calendar) or before the birthday of her parents, to add blessings and longevity to her parents. It symbolizes "sipping noodles for longevity, and pig's knuckles for health".

Cosmos Hotel Group sells the highly praised "Tian Fu Ping An-Pig Knuckle Noodle Gift Box" every leap year. The chef of the hotel selects meaty and springy pig's front feet with hoof flowers weighing 1.6 kg, and scalds the pig's knuckles Simmer for three hours with multi-flavored Chinese medicinal materials and spices such as onion, ginger, chili, soy sauce, rock sugar, cinnamon bark, and grass fruit. The surface of the fragrant pig's feet reveals an attractive sauce color, and the elastic pigskin is full of gelatin. Not greasy or greasy, it is presented in a frozen deli vacuum pack, and can be easily served at home with simple heating.

From now until March 31, as long as you purchase the "Tian Fu Ping An Pork Knuckle Noodle Gift Box" at Taipei Cosmos Hotel, Taipei Garden Hotel and World Trade Center, you can enjoy a takeaway price of 888 yuan per box (the original price is 1,088 yuan per box), The gift box contains 1.6 kg of pig's feet with hoof flowers and handmade noodle noodles. Home delivery and delivery services are also available (extra cost).

In addition, from now until April 19th, Millennium Hotel Taichung also launched a convenient "Tian Fu Tian Shou Frozen Pork Knuckle Noodle Gift Box", which uses a whole bone-in pork front elbow and boils it for two hours according to the ancient method. Delicious, skin-Q meatballs, 999 yuan per box, including a whole bone-in pork knuckle and handmade noodles for 4-6 people, adding blessings and longevity to parents.

Millennium Hotel Taichung will launch a gift box of Tian Fu Tian Shou Frozen Pig Knuckle Noodles at RMB 999 per box until April 19.

(Photo/provided by the hotel)

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