In the first month of the spring of 2023, Apple’s iPhone 14 series and old iPhone 13 models will occupy as many as ten seats on the best-selling list.

(Photo/provided by Jiesheng Communication)

Welcome to the new year of 2023 and get a new phone, take advantage of the Lunar New Year red envelopes in the Year of the Rabbit, the most popular mobile phone in Taiwan in the first month of spring this year, which 20 models are the most popular?

According to the latest statistics of mobile phone sales in Taiwan's physical channels released by the market research agency, the overall sales of mobile phones in January 2023 will be 457,000 units, an increase of 58,000 units from the previous month, but a decrease of 37,000 units compared to the same period last year.

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The 2023 Taiwan's best-selling mobile phone champion is once again dominated by Apple's iPhone 14 Pro Max, and among the top 20 best-selling mobile phones, Apple has a strong dominance of ten seats, one more than last December.

And the first to ninth places are all taken by Apple's iPhone 14 series models and the previous generation iPhone 13 old models, while Android has only one mid-range mobile phone, the Samsung A53, which remains on the top ten best-selling mobile phone list, but The ranking has slipped from fourth to tenth.

Taiwan mobile phone top 20 list in January 2023.

(Photo/provided by Jiesheng Communication)

In the non-Apple camp, Samsung’s mid-range A-series is still the main best-selling mobile phone. The ranking of the best-selling Android flagship phone, the S22 Ultra (12GB/256GB), has been greatly improved from the 20th place in December last year. Popularity was promoted to eleventh place.

Looking at the sales performance of the TOP20 mobile phone list, Jiesheng Communications analysis pointed out that the flagship models above the iPhone 14 Pro arrived one after another before the Lunar New Year, so the shortage situation has been alleviated, making the iPhone 14 Pro Max (256GB) return to the championship.

In addition, the long-term best-selling iPhone 13 (128GB) of the previous generation rarely rose two places, ranking seventh, showing that as long as the price is affordable enough, there are still many fruit fans who are willing to buy models with similar performance to the new iPhone 14.

In terms of Android phones, benefiting from the upcoming release of the S23 series models, the previous generation flagship S22 Ultra (12GB/256GB) with a price advantage jumped from the 20th place in the previous month to the 11th place due to the price difference of more than 10,000 yuan. The best-selling Android flagship phone in January.

Redmi Note 11 Pro (6GB+128GB), which has been on the market for half a year, is currently priced at 6,000 yuan. It is the first newcomer to the best-selling list in January, ranking fifteenth in the best-selling list.

(Photo/provided by Jiesheng Communication)

It is noteworthy that the 15th place on the list is Redmi Note 11 Pro (6GB/128GB). This model has been on the market for half a year. It is mainly equipped with a megapixel camera and supports 67W super fast charging. It was launched last year for 8,999 yuan , the current channel sales price has reached the sweet spot of 6,000, and it has also been favored by many Android users.