[Reporter Yi Huici/Taipei Report] Affected by factors such as climate, bird flu, and rising international raw materials, the price of domestic eggs has risen and the supply is in short supply. Guo Taiming blames the DPP government for not being able to alleviate the egg shortage. Many people say to go to supermarkets to buy eggs There are no eggs. Today, some legislators suspect that they want to buy tea eggs at convenience stores this week, but they are often out of stock. In this regard, the host of Sanli's "Forward to New Taiwan" Wang Yanjing wrote that she can buy tea eggs every day.

Wang Yanjing.

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Aaron Yan said, "I eat at least one egg every day. Am I hallucinating? Are eggs too expensive, or are there no eggs? Please choose the route clearly. Anyway, I choose the route where I can eat eggs every day." .

Wang Yanjing is also the route to eat eggs every day. She posted: "Because I eat two Xiaoqi tea eggs every morning, and I can buy them all." She wanted to ask: "Is it true that supermarkets can't buy tea eggs? "

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In addition, she said that the vegetables she buys are listed in hypermarkets, not in non-traditional markets, but she also bought a box of eggs at the farmer's association supermarket. She would like to ask, "Is there any shortage in hypermarkets and traditional markets?"

Because a friend said that she couldn't buy eggs, she was puzzled.

Netizens commented, "I ate tea eggs today", "Egg cakes are also available", "There are many breakfast shops near my house, and these days they have eggs. In addition, eggs can also be bought in the nearby traditional market. The main problem is still the egg price, after all it has hit a record high again.” Some netizens also posted a picture of a basket of eggs in the Luzhou vegetable market to answer her.

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