Guo Yuqing.

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[Reporter Yi Huici/Taipei Report] Affected by factors such as climate, bird flu, and rising international raw materials, the price of domestic eggs has risen, and the supply is in short supply. Guo Taiming said that the DPP government cannot alleviate the egg shortage. Many people said to go to supermarkets and supermarkets to buy There are no eggs, but Aaron Yan said that he eats at least one egg every day, and it is too expensive for everyone to figure out if there are no eggs.

"Teacher Wan" Guo Yuqing praised Aaron Yan as "the most handsome", and also said that if she could eat an egg, it was still a double-yolk egg.

Guo Yuqing said that she bought double yolk eggs.

(Flipping Facebook)

Aaron Yan said, "I eat at least one egg every day. Am I hallucinating? Are eggs too expensive, or there are no eggs? Please choose the route clearly. Anyway, I choose the route where I can eat eggs every day."

After this speech, Guo Yuqing publicly supported Aaron Yan on Facebook, tagging Yan Dasan "the most handsome".

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She also wrote that she and her son would eat boiled eggs every morning. Could it be that she boiled eggs?

She also showed off a photo of holding eggs with both hands, and wrote "Damn! There are eggs, but there are double yolks".

Netizens commented "What Guo Dong couldn't got it", "Double egg yolks! It's enviable", "Aaron Yan is really handsome", "You can buy lottery tickets! This double yolk? ??? can meet but not seek".

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