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"Just like I found the little girl I hid for a long time, I also think of many meaningful stories in my life that I have never looked back." Looking through the book "The Healing Power of Stories", many life stories are constantly emerging in my heart. The footprints of the past, those little things that happened in daily life, will originally affect one's own thinking and acting style in the future.

I read this book at a very slow speed, and after I read it, I would stop and enter my own story from the author's story, so I reunited with the forgotten self in different stages, the feeling was intricate and full of emotions Full, but deeply moved, as if a time machine brought me back to the past.

Although those fragments are extremely small, they are so deeply embedded in life.

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Why am I so shy and inferior?

I remember when I was a child, whenever someone praised me in front of my parents, they would seem to be terrified, and immediately rejected my kindness, as if telling the other party: "Are you making a mistake? This kid is not as good as you said." Praise would make them feel embarrassed, and my parents' excessive modesty made me very low in self-confidence since I was a child.

Carrying the cage of inferiority complex, no matter what the situation is, as long as I get a "like" sound, I feel that something is wrong with me, let alone stand up to accept the applause. When I am stared at by many eyes, I can't wait to find a hole Get in.

The after-effects also include not daring to speak on stage, not being able to communicate with supervisors in spoken language, and automatically muting the sound when there are many people, becoming an invisible person.

My favorite location is the corner, which is the most neglected coordinate, but it is where I feel the most secure.

When it is severe, I stutter, which bothers me a lot, but I still don't understand why I often can't speak clearly, and I often can't let the listeners understand what I say.

The more I talked, the more confused I became, and the more I described it, the darker it became. I felt very disappointed and frustrated with myself.

Obviously, the ins and outs of the matter are very clear in his head, but the words are all out of shape when he speaks.

Don't wonder why others frown tightly, listening to me becomes a kind of torture.

Maybe you don't know it, but I am in great pain.

I envy those who speak eloquently, speak eloquently, and become the focus of attention as soon as they stand on the podium.

How exactly did they do it?

I never believed that I could stand on the podium without trembling. I didn't even dare to look at the audience. That podium was like a execution ground to me.

My fear has grown beyond imagination, but it really bothers me and I really want to improve.

Over the years, I have been looking for the reason why my oral expression ability is weak. It may be related to the joy of being praised when I was often suppressed when I was a child. I was constantly convinced of my powerlessness, and finally gradually lost the ability to say something well.

I can't grasp the key points of the speech, and the tedious chatter makes people lose the patience for dialogue. No wonder it affects interpersonal relationships.

By combing through the past, we can pull out a possible thread, and then slowly strengthen it, so as to get back what was lost.

Surprised that such a small factor in the past can affect my personality and behavior so profoundly.

I really have to be vigilant to myself. Everyone we face has more or less behaviors that we don’t understand. This can be traced back to the past life experiences of these people, and we should pay more empathy , and behave harmoniously together.

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