Pizza Hut's new masterpiece "Xiabawang Red Pork Meatball Pizza" has 9 plump meatballs with soul parsley, ancient flavor meatball rice sauce blended with rich cheese, and is limited to 4 weeks.

(Photo/provided by Pizza Hut)

Pizza Hut innovates another trick!

This time, the Taiwanese snack "Meatball" subverts the traditional eating method of steaming in the south and deep-frying in the north. It is the first to launch a new flavor of "Barbecue Ball" pizza. , I chose to challenge the limit of coriander black powder again on the eve of "International Hate Coriander Day", 9 plump meatballs with soul coriander, ancient flavor meatball rice sauce blended with rich cheese, limited time only 4 weeks, hurry up and try it out !

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"Xiabawang Red Meatball Pizza" with coriander and rice sauce blended with rich cheese

After stinky tofu, salty crispy chicken, oyster omelette, and pork blood cake, it is finally the turn of "meatball" to join the ranks of Pizza Hut's innovative pizzas. , Fresh pork with a slight aroma of wine and bamboo shoots from Yunlin, then stir-fried with lard and sesame oil to bring out the umami taste of dried shrimps and the aroma of mushrooms, and finally stir in crispy shallots to enhance the flavor, and the roasted meatballs are covered with On the classic thin and crispy pizza crust, each slice can be eaten with a whole meatball, and the sauce is made of Taiwanese rice, which is made of glutinous rice flour without artificial addition and served with garlic to reproduce the classic old-fashioned meatball rice sauce. Served with sauce, sprinkled with Changhua small farmer coriander, and paired with fragrant and tempting shredded cheese.

"Xiabawang Red Meatball Pizza" has a superbly restored baseball shape, and it will gather energy for the Chinese team in the classic game in advance to win the classic game.

(Photo/provided by Pizza Hut)

The unique shape is even more hidden. The pizza is cut in a different way, like a baseball grid, and the sauce on the meatballs is more like the stitches on a baseball. They are all special for the upcoming World Baseball Classic. The ingenuity of the design.

"Xiabawang Red Pork Meatball Pizza" has an a la carte discounted price of 399 yuan. It is limited to match with cracker crust. It can also be priced at 780 yuan with takeaway to buy big and get big free. Takeaway buy big and get small free. In addition to hoping that this pizza will allow the Chinese team to "sip the pills and dominate the king" in the classic game and win the Pizza Hut lottery, Pizza Hut will also launch a support activity for the Chinese team during the classic game in March. For details, please lock the Pizza Hut fan page .

"Potato Chips with Bolognese Sauce and Cheese" new shabu-shabu dim sum debut

In addition, Pizza Hut has launched a new mouth-watering snack "Potato Chips with Bolognese Sauce and Cheese". The perfectly wrapped large potato slices are crispy on the outside and dense on the inside. The single order price is 99 yuan, and the double purchase discount price is only 180 yuan.

Pizza Hut's new dim sum "Bolognese Bolognese Cheese Potato Chips" is priced at 99 yuan a la carte, (Photo/provided by Pizza Hut)

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