Constipation can also occur due to too hot tea or coffee.

High-temperature beverages and Cancer Risk: Start the morning with hot hot tea or coffee and with the setting sun of the evening, then a cup of hot hot coffee or tea is enough for the whole day.

There are some people who have the habit of drinking strained tea in a cup immediately after boiling.

But this habit of yours which drives away your laziness can also prove to be fatal.

It is possible that this hot tea or coffee can make you a victim of some major disease.

Not only tea or coffee, apart from this, if you have a habit of drinking hot drinks, then it can be harmful for you.

According to a research done in this regard, hot beverages can become the root of deadly disease.

Increases the risk of serious diseases like cancer

According to a study by the National Library of Medicine, the habit of eating hot drinks and diet

 can also cause dangerous

esophageal cancer

(EC). At the same time, according to an international medical journal, drinking hot tea or coffee can cause cancer of the food pipe. The World Health Organization has also agreed on this and said that not only tea is enough, like any other hot beverages can cause cancer of the food pipe.

For this study, a team of 23 scientists selected thousand people in 10 different countries, whose connection between cancer and the habit of drinking hot beverages was also seen.

After which this study came to the conclusion that due to hot beverages, cancer of the food pipe can occur.

side effects

  • Apart from the possibility of getting cancer, there are many other disadvantages of drinking hot beverages.

  • Due to hot beverages, the tongue burns continuously and gradually the test buds stop working.

  • The lips of the victims of such a habit turn black.

  • Constipation can also occur due to too hot tea or coffee.

  • Due to excessive victimization of this habit, one may also have to face the problem of heart burn.

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