Veteran singer Zhen Ni (left), who has a large number of fans in Hong Kong, was recently innocently involved in the oolong death of Liu Wenzheng, which was widely reported by Hong Kong media.

(Hong Kong Sing Tao Daily)

[Reporter Lin Nangu/Comprehensive Report] "Forever superstar" Liu Wenzheng was misreported by former manager Xia Yushun about his death. The outside world turned from shock to anger. shot.

The news of Liu Wenzheng's death was shocked a few days ago, and the next day another oolong broke the news. Xia Yushun, who originally confirmed that Liu Wenzheng had passed away, suddenly changed his words, saying that he was still alive, and yesterday (18th) still became the focus of a large-scale report in Hong Kong. Hong Kong's "Sing Tao Daily" quoted "Sanli News Network" reported that Xia Yushun misunderstood that Liu Wenzheng had passed away when he received a phone call from two senior female artists Zhen Ni and Ran Xiaoling.

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To this, Jenny responded dumbfounded in 10 words during the interview: "I was shot while lying down, and I didn't dance with it." Various media in Hong Kong gathered to report, showing that they were also very concerned about Liu Wenzheng's follow-up news. He also had a vote of death in Xiangjiang. Loyal fans, many Hong Kong people are still very concerned about news about Liu Wenzheng.

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