LVMH Watch Week (LVMH Watch Week) returned to the entity in Singapore in January, and the works are brilliant, and the works can be regarded as the leader of the annual trend!

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At the 2023 LVMH Watch Week, the Group’s brands including BVLGARI, HUBLOT, and ZENITH all launched exquisite jewelry watches, among which Bulgari is the leader. 11 new jewelry watches were released, which became a topic of conversation.

The most surprising thing among Bulgari’s new works is the Serpenti Tubogas Infinity watch. The classic snake watch is decorated with diamonds from the case symbolizing the snake’s head to the bracelet of the snake’s body. This is the first time for Bulgari’s Serpenti series.

It is worth mentioning that the winding chain strap is made of titanium metal, which is as comfortable as a second skin on the wrist. The metal rings with gradual changes in size are assembled one by one, and each metal ring is inlaid with different sizes. The white diamonds, interpreting the posture of the bright snake, have launched two styles of single circle and double circle.

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BVLGARI Serpenti Tubogas Infinity rose gold double ring diamond watch, rose gold curved surface case, quartz movement, hour and minute display, diameter 35mm, price in store.

The bezel metal of the BVLGARI Serpenti Tubogas Infinity watch is made one by one and then assembled on the titanium blades to make it more comfortable to wear.

Bulgari also launched new works for the classic Divas' Dream and Allegra series, the Divas' Dream Mosaica jewelry watch, the fan-shaped outline on the surface pays tribute to the mosaic decoration of the Caracalla Baths, and is made of pink corundum and sapphire with gradients in size and color Arranged in pink and blue, the sapphire and platinum chain belts are also arranged in a fan-shaped arrangement of diamond links.

The Allegra series released two new colors, which arrange colored gemstones with different cuts on the bezel. It seems random, but in fact each gemstone is selected by the design team to meet the overall visual tone standard.

BVLGARI Divas' Dream Mosaica jewelry watch, sapphire model, white K gold case, self-winding movement, hour and minute display, diameter 37mm, about 4,444,000 yuan.

BVLGARI Allegra pink corundum jewelry watch, rose gold case, quartz movement, hour and minute display, diameter 36mm, about 870,000 yuan.

ZENITH, which has always been low-key, transformed DEFY Skyline gorgeously.

The new 36mm neutral size watch diameter, in addition to adding pink and green to the dial for the first time, also launched a diamond-encrusted bezel for a more luxurious look, and especially emphasized that this watch is a unisex watch rather than a women's watch, expressing support for gender-free limit concept.

ZENITH DEFY Skyline watch, stainless steel case, bezel inlaid with 52 white diamonds, ELITE movement, hour, minute and second display, date window, diameter 36mm, waterproof depth 100 meters, 400,400 yuan.

HUBLOT dressed its personalized watch Big Bang in rainbow attire, and launched the Big Bang Integrated Chronograph and Big Bang Time Only three-hand watch. Eight kinds of rare gemstones were hand-selected and arranged in rainbow gradient tones, and the number of gemstones was as high as nearly a thousand. The pieces are inlaid one by one by craftsmen, without losing the strong style but extremely bright.

HUBLOT Big Bang Integrated Royal Gold Rainbow Chain Chronograph, 18K Royal Gold case, self-winding movement, hour, minute and second display, flyback timing function, diameter 42mm, waterproof depth 100 meters, 5,232,000 yuan.

"New Forces in Watches"

Interview with Antoine Pin, Managing Director of BVLGARI's Watch Division

"Gemstones convey creativity and emotion."

The number of female collectors is increasing day by day, bringing about new changes in the watch market.

In the 2023 LVMH Watch Week, BVLGARI cleverly brought out the market trend with a series of jewelry watches, including Serpenti, Divas' Dream, and Allegra, a total of 11 new jewelry watches, all of which are evolutionary versions of classic styles. Antoine Pin gave the reason: "When a female buyer When the number increases, the watch must remain elegant and classic, but increase its value.” This means that female watch consumers tend to be conservative in purchasing thinking, but they are more looking forward to new ideas that appear on classic works, such as the chain strap of the Serpenti Tubogas Infinity watch Diamond inlays, Allegra's colorful precious stones and new colors, etc., no matter the selection of gemstones or the inlaying process are more sophisticated, Antoine Pin emphasized: "Female consumers need gemstones to convey creativity and emotion."

Antoine Pin, Managing Director of BVLGARI Watch Division.

Small Movements Make Jewelry Watches More Beautiful

In the past, jewelry watches were mostly equipped with quartz movements. As many female collectors have increasing demand for jewelry watches with mechanical movements and even high-complexity functions, Antoine Pin said: "At this time What is most needed is a small mechanical movement, which is not specially made for jewelry watches, but it is true that a smaller movement can make a jewelry watch more beautiful.” Antoine also explained that there is no difference between mechanical and quartz movements, some people like mechanical The winding mechanism of the watch does not need to replace the battery, and some people appreciate the battery design of the quartz movement, which can save the timing and winding.

How to make the wearer feel comfortable and achieve the purpose of "beautiful wearing" is the purpose of watchmaking.

The Entry trend attracts young customers.

Now that 11 jewelry watches are launched at a time to focus on the women's watch market, which watch would you recommend for women who are first-time buyers of Bulgari watches?

I thought it would be BVLGARI's classic Serpenti watch without any suspense, but Antoine Pin gave a surprising answer: "LVCEA".

The reason is precisely the "Entry" trend that has been actively created in the jewelry and watch market in recent years. Antoine Pin said that high-end jewelry watches are mainly for senior jewelry or watch collectors, so if it is the first BVLGARI jewelry watch, The first recommendation is the LVCEA watch, which is absolutely friendly to the people. It has a simple stainless steel case, the hour markers and the strap buckle are inlaid with diamonds, and the price is less than NT$200,000.

Antoine Pin recommends LVCEA watches for women who are new to BVLGARI watches. Left: LVCEA black lacquered stainless steel watch, about 164,200 yuan. Right: LVCEA Intarsio stainless steel and black alligator leather strap watch, about 186,000 yuan.

Pictures provided by: BVLGARI, HUBLOT, TAG Heuer, ZENITH

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