"Xiao Xun" Huang Jingyi (from left), Hu Yuwei, and Wei Man attended the opening shot of "Daguai Quest".

(Provided by Daai TV Station)

[Reporter Li Shaoling/Taipei Report] Hu Yuwei, "Xiaoxun" Huang Jingyi, and Wei Manjin (15th) attended the opening ceremony of Daai TV's new drama "Daguai Quest". It was the first time for the three of them to take part in a Daai drama. Hu Yuwei The two roles that I resist most in my drama career are doctors and lawyers. Because there are too many professional terms, this time I challenged to play a pediatric doctor. Professional terms are indispensable, but many of them are in English. For him who grew up in the United States, he was at his fingertips. What fascinated him was The personality of the doctor who must achieve his mission is very similar to himself.

In the play, the doctor communicates with the patient's family with all his heart, and tries his best to rescue them. Especially in the play, the whole body is often covered airtightly, only the eyes are exposed, and the inner drama is conveyed with the eyes, which is the biggest challenge of the whole play.

Hu Yuwei attended the opening of "Daguai Quest".

(Provided by Daai TV Station)

Xiao Xun and Wei Man play the nurses in the Wuhan Pneumonia (Novel Coronavirus Disease, COVID-19) ward and also take on the role of a mother. To take care of the patient, you have to temporarily separate from the child, weaving the story of the mother going to "fight monsters" Fairy tales are the original intention of the script.

Although Xiaoxun is studying nursing, but she doesn’t remember it anymore. Following the arrangement of the film crew, she took serious medical and nursing courses, and also met with the nurses in Beici, and found that the speed and tone of speech of the two were different. During the interview, Xiaoxun always Contrary to the usual high-pitched and fast-talking personality, especially the nurse in the play speaks slowly and with a low voice, which is quite calm.

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"Xiao Xun" Huang Jingyi attended the opening shot of "Daguai Quest".

(Provided by Daai TV Station)

Xiao Xun has been infected with the epidemic himself, and her mother died of pneumonia, so she is able to grasp the mentality of critically ill patients and their families. However, it is difficult to breathe wearing layers of protective clothing, and it is not easy to wear a protective mask to get an injection and draw blood. What's more special It is the delicate interaction with patients like relatives and friends, which is an unknown side during the fight against the epidemic.

Wei Man attended the opening shot of "The Mission to Fight Monsters".

(Provided by Daai TV Station)

The first day of filming was mainly about Wei Man's play. In the play, Wei Man has two children, and they cuddled and hugged Wei Man in every scene, as if they were their own.

It is not the first time for Wei Man to play the role of a medical staff, but it is the first time to see the character to be played in person, especially when he went to the hospital to follow the room and talk about the mood at the time of the epidemic. Wei Man is quite emotional. In the process of getting along with the character himself I understand that what she wants to interpret is a nurse who is naturally optimistic and likes to take care of others. I suddenly feel that the nurse is an "angel in the world". She is selfless and full of joy. Resist the emotion and don't cry, because the character I played doesn't cry.

Tang Zaiyang, the producer of "Monster Fighting Mission".

(Provided by Daai TV Station)

"Monster Fighting Mission" is a medical staff drama, describing that in early 2021, compared with the international epidemic situation, Taiwan is like a parallel world, and then the local epidemic outbreak entered the third-level alert. Under the leadership of Director Zhao Youcheng, Taipei Tzu Chi Hospital admitted the most confirmed cases in Taiwan. Among the more than 900 patients, there are fears and sad human aspects that are not reported in the media news. There are doctors who are facing the inner struggle of robbing people of death, and there are young nurses who bear the great burden between their families and patients. Double pressure, etc., the true story of the medical team working together to fight the "monster" of the virus.

Producer Tang Zaiyang said that the soul of a play is the script. After reading the script provided by Daai TV, he felt that it was both touching and real. He decided to make this play so that everyone could clearly see how the medical staff used their lives to save lives. The complete outline is what should be done.

Director Hung Bo-ho is good at filming the emotions of characters. "The Mission of Fighting Monsters" will show the emotions of medical staff who are separated from their families because of their responsibilities, and take care of patients without complaint or regret.

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