[Reporter Chen Huiling/Comprehensive Report] Harry Styles, who has soloed from "One Generation", has been so powerful. He just won the album of the year and other awards at the Grammy Awards in the United States. The 2023 Brit Awards became a big winner, nominated for all 4 awards, and won important awards such as the artist of the year with a "home run" attitude.

Harry was the big winner at the 2023 Brit Awards at the O2 Arena in the UK.

(European News Agency)

In addition to receiving the Artist of the Year and Best Pop Singer awards, Harry also won the Album of the Year Award for "Harry House" and the Song of the Year for "As It Was". Members, without them, I would not be where I am now.

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Due to this year's Brit Awards, the shortlist for Artist of the Year is all male singers, and there are no female artists, which caused quite a bit of controversy. Therefore, when Harry received the Artist of the Year award, he specifically said: "I know I have privileges." I hope Dedicate this award to Reyna and many other outstanding female singers.

Beyoncé happily kisses the Brit Awards trophy.

(Reposted from IG) (Photographed by reporter Chen Huiling)

Previously at the Grammy Awards, after Harry won Album of the Year, many netizens backlashed, thinking that this award should be won by Beyoncé. The sour people on the Internet who say that "someone like him shouldn't win album of the year" can shut up.

Beyonce beat Taylor Swift to win the International Artist of the Year Award at the Brit Awards, and won the International Song Award of the Year with "Break My Soul". She did not attend the awards ceremony, but recorded her acceptance speech: "Thank you very much for this incredible Believe it or not, I would like to say thank you to all my fans in the UK for this award. The Trend Revival Tour is on, see you on tour!"

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