There are doubts on the foreign network that the Google Pixel 7 Pro volume keys are easy to fall off.

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Google launched the Pixel 7 series flagship in October last year, and the market responded well. However, in the past two months, it has been deeply concerned about hardware defects. After the previous glass lens on the back of the machine cracked for no reason, now the volume keys seem to fall off easily. .

A number of foreign media reported that recently on Reddit and Google-related forums abroad, some netizens began to complain that the volume button of Pixel 7 Pro is easy to fall off. For example, when taking the phone out of the pocket, the volume button often falls in the pocket. You can plug the volume keys back by yourself, and you can still use them normally, but you will feel that the volume keys are obviously loose.

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After some netizens responded to Google customer service, they got a response that this was not within the scope of warranty repairs; Google officials did not respond to this matter.

Some netizens complained that their Google Pixel 7 Pro volume keys are easy to fall off.


Although the prudence of the Pixel 7 series in hardware production has been questioned recently, it cannot be erased that it has won a lot of praise in some actual tests. In the 2022 annual evaluation of the well-known YouTube technology channel "JerryRigEverything", Pixel 7 Pro won The two titles of "Easiest Repair of the Year" and "Best Internal Structure Design of Airframe" are big winners.

In addition, in the blind camera test of the YouTube channel "Marques Brownlee", which is also subscribed by tens of millions, Pixel 7 Pro also won the runner-up of the best camera phone in 2022, and the champion is Pixel 6a.

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