Yunlin ranks first in the country in terms of treatment rate for chronic hepatitis C aged 45 to 79.

(Photographed by reporter Zhan Shihong)

[Reporter Zhan Shihong/Yunlin Report] Yunlin County announced that it will eradicate liver C in 2025, and will promote a precise liver C screening program from 2019. The screening data was compiled in that year, and the coverage rate of liver C treatment reached 30.4%, accumulatively to Last year, the coverage rate has increased to 52%, an increase of 22%. Among them, 59% of chronic liver C patients aged 45 to 79 have been treated, which is higher than the national average of 47%, ranking first in the country.

The Yunlin County Health Bureau stated that although people’s awareness of screening has increased, there are still about 140,000 people in Yunlin who have not received hepatitis B and C screening. Zhang Lishan, the county magistrate, reminded the villagers not to give up your rights. Up to 79 years old (40 to 79 years old for aborigines), you can enjoy free hepatitis B and C screening services once in your life. Please bring your health insurance card to the 190 adult preventive health care contract institutions and health centers in the county, or use Community integrated health screening activities accept free hepatitis screening, and will provide oral new drug treatment for about 2 to 3 months for those who still have hepatitis C virus in the blood test, the cure rate is over 97%, and 180,000-200,000 The cost of medicine is fully paid by the health insurance; the medicine is simple and has few side effects.

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In addition, Rotary Love’s plan of “Save your car money by taking care of your liver and avoiding shocks from far away” subsidizes the transportation expenses for Hepatitis C treatment for residents of Yunlin County. The cost depends on the distance between the medical institution and the applicant’s place of residence. People who live more than 5 kilometers away from the hospital and less than 20 kilometers away from the hospital will receive a subsidy of 300 yuan per person for medical transportation each time; more than 20 kilometers but less than 40 kilometers away, will be subsidized 600 yuan per person for medical treatment each time; more than 40 kilometers will be subsidized for medical transportation The fee is 1,000 yuan per person each time, and each person can apply up to 3 times. The subsidy program will end on June 30 this year. If you have any questions about relevant conditions and application information, please call 05-7001327.

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