▲ 2 or 3 months after the diagnosis of the new crown, you are still tired, unable to concentrate, and affect your work. You can seek help from traditional Chinese medicine; the picture is a situational photo, and the people in the picture have nothing to do with this article.

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34-year-old Mr. Zheng (pseudonym) is engaged in the service industry. After being diagnosed with the new crown and quarantined for more than 3 months, he felt powerless at work, easily tired, and lacked concentration. It appeared soft and loose, and even if it was a long vacation, I couldn't get enough energy to go outdoors with family and friends. I suspected it was the sequelae of the new crown.

He came to the TCM outpatient clinic, and after confirming his constitutional deviation and syndrome types, he used traditional Chinese medicine for nourishing qi and invigorating the spleen, which greatly improved Mr. Zheng's fatigue and poor appetite. After getting rid of the discomfort of the digestive tract, work gradually became much easier.

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◎How does traditional Chinese medicine treat the sequelae of the new crown?

In diagnosis and treatment, Chinese medicine collects disease information through observation, smell, questioning, and feeling, and then establishes the patient's syndrome type and prescribes an appropriate prescription through syndrome differentiation and treatment.

Establish Syndrome Types and Prescriptions Based on Syndrome Differentiation and Treatment

◎The common syndromes of COVID-19 sequelae are as follows:

●Lung and stomach yin deficiency type: dry cough with little phlegm, palpitations, fatigue, dry mouth, poor appetite.

●Spleen-stomach Qi deficiency type: fatigue, abdominal distension, inability to defecate, poor appetite, loose and soft stool.

●Qi and Yin deficiency type: shortness of breath, lazy speech, spontaneous sweating, fatigue, thirst.

●Liver depression and qi stagnation: anxiety, depression, chest tightness, insomnia, choking feeling.

●Qi not rising type: brain fog, inattention, cognitive function and memory loss.

After being diagnosed with the new crown, the symptoms of each person after the illness are different. Some people recover their physical and mental conditions quickly after the quarantine period is over, but many people will have symptoms of the new crown, feeling that the virus is still in the body, and even appear Depression, anxiety, insomnia, poor quality of life, unable to return to the work efficiency before the diagnosis of the new crown, which is quite troublesome.

For patients with new coronary pneumonia, traditional Chinese medicine doctors will prescribe appropriate drugs to improve symptoms according to their physical constitution and syndrome type, such as: Yin-nourishing and lung-nourishing drugs (Shashen, Ophiopogon japonicus), Qi-invigorating and spleen-invigorating drugs (Atractylodes macrocephala, Chinese yam), Soothe the liver and regulate Qi (Bupleurum, Qingpi), Shengfa Qingyang medicine (Chomic Cimicifuga, Vitex), etc.

Do not buy and take by yourself if diagnosed by a Chinese medicine doctor

Chinese herbal medicines have a bias towards cold and heat. I often hear from patients that colleagues and friends have improved their discomfort after taking them, and family members and elders have gone to Chinese medicine stores to buy traditional herbal medicines, but they seem to have no effect when they take them by themselves.

It is recommended to take Chinese medicine. It is safer to prescribe it after being diagnosed by a Chinese medicine doctor. Do not buy it yourself, so as not to cause adverse effects and harm the body.

(The author is a physician at the Department of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Changhua Xiuchuan Memorial Hospital)

▲Traditional Chinese medicine doctors prescribe appropriate Chinese medicines to improve symptoms according to different constitutions and syndrome types.

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