"Two women came to the relatives, showed badges, where it was written that they were members of the commission for the return of refugees under the regional executive committee,"



told BPN .

According to the activist, they asked how long he had been abroad, and behaved culturally.

After that they said: "Amnesty has been announced for your brother.

He can safely return, nothing threatens him.

We need him to return to set an example."

At the same time, the women could not explain what kind of amnesty was announced, since Anikeev was not convicted of political matters.

On February 8, the representative of the Prosecutor General's Office reported receiving the first appeal to the commission for work with political emigrants who want to return to Belarus.

"Practically from the moment of the opening of the e-mail of the commission for consideration of applications of citizens of the Republic of Belarus who are abroad, appeals began to arrive on the issues of their committing offenses," said

Anzhalika Kurchak


She told only about one appeal, which, as Kurchak claims, does not contain the necessary information.

According to the representative of the General Prosecutor's Office, the commission was contacted by a 35-year-old woman from Minsk who moved abroad in October 2020.

She did not report the offenses committed, but "only expressed concerns about her possible involvement in some illegal activities."

If the applicant completes the appeal, her letter will be considered.

Later, "Belsat" TV channel reported that this appeal was sent by its editor

Olga Yarokhina

"due to journalistic interest."

The decision to create the commission was made on January 24 following a meeting with Lukashenka.

Its composition was published on February 7, 29 people will work with citizens' appeals.

Among them are officials, security forces, representatives of pro-state organizations and state media.

The Prosecutor General's Office has created a special section on its website for those willing to return to Belarus.

But it is not available to the potential audience from abroad.