[Reporter Yi Huici/Comprehensive Report] Sui Tang married her husband Tony in 2015 and has 2 sons and a daughter. After moving into a new home worth 80 million yuan in Dazhi last year, neighbors complained that the children often made noise in the early morning and late at night and sued , Sui Tang issued a thousand-character long article to restore the whole story, saying that the neighbor took it out of context and was hysterical, and the neighbor issued a 7-point statement to refute nonsense.

The Internet celebrity "I'm an uncle with a cup" posted that I have been decorating for many years and neither side believes it, but just seeing that the housing price has risen like this, I am willing to knock myself unconscious every night, which caused a lot of netizens to comment on it as "pertinent".

Sui Tang broke out that she was sued by neighbors due to noise.

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A popular fan posted a post titled "I'm an uncle carrying a cup." His wife asked him if he believed that Sui Tang was her downstairs neighbor. He said, "I've been decorating for so long, and I don't believe anyone. There are not two copper coins that won't ring." He said that the downstairs neighbor is sensitive to sound and needs to take sleeping pills to sleep, but there is a thing called earplugs, and you can buy two for 10 yuan, and sometimes they will give them away when you stay at the hotel. To protect yourself, fight with a few young children, and then see a doctor to take medicine, the gain outweighs the loss.

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As for Sui Tang's claim that children are very regular, they go to bed at 9 o'clock and wake up at 7 o'clock in the morning. Both children are angels, very quiet, and never violate discipline 365 days a year, so they can be very regular." As for Sui Tang, he said that when decorating, let the designer directly face the neighbors. This sounds like "No one wants to solve the problem, let the designer block the arrow if there is anything", which is equivalent to "Did you talk to my lawyer about the decoration version?".

He said that those who decorate so many houses and are serious about solving neighbor problems will bring gift boxes to visit when decorating to understand what parts need to be coordinated.

Children are full of energy, and they must run at home. There is no doubt about it. He has met decorating guests, and a responsible father will buy foam mats and place them in the children's activity space. Financial resources and tastes will definitely make clever mats ugly, but there are definitely expensive things with better materials and design, such as gyms, or raised floors in recording studios.

As for Sui Tang's post, which has been raised by 30 centimeters, he admitted that he didn't know what it was.

"It's an uncle who carries a cup." He said that he lives in Dazhi, with 7-11 downstairs, and rents out suites upstairs to Shijian University students. Ding dong, piano sound, symphony, and other children's running and jumping are all intertwined on weekdays. It's also safe and sound, he told himself to have a good school district, a good life function, and the house price will rise so he can sleep well, and he can earn a few hundred yuan more by sleeping an extra day.

In the end, he said that if he bought in the area of ​​Sui Tang's house, "The price has increased in the past two years, even if there is an opera troupe upstairs, it's a cup of eggs! Knock myself out every night, and I will continue to watch it." Rise up.” Because the post was so funny, even the anchor Xiao Tongwen couldn’t help but share that “This really made me laugh till my waist crooked.”

The post sparked a lot of responses from netizens, "It's so funny, it's so pertinent", "That's really good. With the housing prices rising so fiercely, I will sleep well every day", "You really said The sentence is super in place!! Totally super pertinent", "Uncle is too professional and realistic", "Haha.. I also have doubts about 30cm.. I was just thinking about what material to install to make it so high.. The design of the entrance It must be very special!", "This is the most objective but funniest article so far."

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