[Reporter Zhong Zhijun/Comprehensive Report] South Korea’s Qinglong actor Liu Yaren broke out yesterday (8th) that he used propofol (commonly known as milk injection) as an illegal drug. According to Korean media reports, he currently has 4 dramas and 4 endorsements in his hands. "Wait", now waiting for the police test results to be released, whether he can be cleared remains to be seen.

According to statistics, "Hell Minister 2" starring Liu Yaren is expected to start filming in June, and is currently waiting for his drug test results. In addition, there are new drama "Doomsday Fool", "Ultimate Game" to be released in April, and the movie "HI.FIVE ", all of them are temporarily stuck in the pass.

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Yoo Ah-in has a high status among the 30th generation actors in South Korea, but he is suspected of being involved in illegal drugs. Most fans are surprised, but some people think that his face looks a bit "weird" and "not unexpected" when he attended an event recently; Someone mentioned that in such a "conservative" country as South Korea, his sexuality can pass the test safely, and it seems that this time he will also be able to go to the village safely.

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