Yoo Ah In was exposed by Korean media yesterday for illegally using milk injections.

(Composite photo; Reposted from Weibo)

[Entertainment Channel/Comprehensive Report] South Korea's "Blue Dragon Award" actor Liu Yaren was exposed by Korean media yesterday for illegal use of propofol (commonly known as milk injection). The image of Sunshine Warm Man was shattered, and the Chinese brand "Sketch" he endorsed made the first shot. Earlier, the official had removed all the endorsement photos and issued a statement shouting: "Zero tolerance for drugs."

The Chinese brand "Sushou" urgently issued a statement to stop the bleeding.

(Reposted from Weibo)

The Chinese brand "Sketch" issued a statement stating that we are paying close attention to the South Korean police's investigation of Mr. Liu Yaren's suspected drug use.

Adhering to a zero-tolerance attitude towards drugs, we resolutely resist any form of drug-related behavior.

We will temporarily remove posters and promotional content related to Mr. Yoo Ah In until the Korean police announce the results of the investigation.

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In fact, in addition to overseas endorsements, etc., Liu Yaren's current 4 dramas are also in jeopardy. It is reported that "Hell Minister 2" starring him is expected to start filming in June, and he is currently waiting for the results of his drug test. If the incident is true, there may be Stillborn.

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