Lily Collins (right) and her husband Charlie McDowell (left) have a sweet relationship.

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Actress Lily Collins (Lily Collins) in the album "Emily in Paris" (Emily in Paris) was super lucky, and her relationship line was as wonderful as her costumes. In real life, she is very dedicated. She and the film director And screenwriter Charlie McDowell (Charlie McDowell) will get married in 2021. She often shows off on her personal IG. The two were traveling in Europe a few days ago, and they kissed super sweetly on the street.

Lily Collins and her husband look cute in couple outfits.

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Lily Collins is the daughter of singer Phil Collins (Phil Collins) Personal IG puts wedding photos, writes sweet words to her husband, and completes major life events in a low-key manner.

After marriage, she continued to work in acting. She played the role of the public relations queen in "Emily in Paris". Too gorgeous, completely different from the real her.

Lily Collins is on vacation with her hubby.

Lily Collins, in a simple sweater and jeans, looked like any tourist. 

She went to Sweden, Norway and Denmark with her husband on vacation a few days ago. She wore a simple sweater and jeans. She looked like a normal tourist. While sightseeing, she did not forget to show off with her husband. She photographed them kissing in the street The picture was uploaded to IG, and fans joked: "Emily is hotter in Sweden!", "You are the hottest in the ice and snow!"

Lily Collins and her husband kiss in the street.

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