[Reporter Chen Huiling/Taipei Report] On April 8th, five people will be on the Arena for the first time to hold a special "Interesting in the Universe" concert with tens of thousands of people, including the golden song king "JJ" Lin Junjie, Wei Li'an, Yan Yalun Waiting for friends in the circle to enthusiastically record videos to help urge tickets, Lin Hsinju, who played "Mother Rose" in the popular drama "The First Blossom of Lights", also spoke.

Lin Hsinju helped sue the five people for tickets.

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Lin Hsinju said: "Congratulations to the five people for their first attack, and they have collaborated with them a few times in dramas, such as "Lighting" and "Those Bird Stories They Started". The five people are my favorite band."

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"It's Not Easy" sung by the five people for "The First Blossom of the Lights" hit a high traffic volume. In addition, "The Lover Missed" and "I Lost You in This City" etc. song.

After completing the "I Met You in This City" concert tour in Singapore and Malaysia, the five members have gone to Vancouver, Canada to participate in the "Outer Space Music Festival". This is their first performance in North America. The members said: "The scenery The language changes one by one, it’s like treating the earth as a big art gallery, using the eyes as lenses, and using selfies as travel stops, helping the memory to tell you that you have been here.” Yunan was also very excited to see it for the first time Snow.

The five singers have sung many popular drama songs. In April, they will hold a concert with tens of thousands of people at the Taipei Arena for the first time.

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Although the five members are still busy performing overseas, because of the five members, I have heard of selling package tickets for two people in general concerts, but there are very few package tickets for five people. "People's Package Ticket", originally priced at 12,350 yuan, the group members helped to fight for a price reduction, and changed it to 12,345 yuan. I played with the homonym of "Straight Flush" and thought it was easier to read. Tickets will go on sale at Tuoyuan ticketing system at 12:00 noon on February 11.

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