HTC announced the launch of a new mobile phone in the second quarter, which also focuses on metaverse applications.

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HTC has shifted its focus to the metaverse, and the frequency of launching new mobile phones is decreasing. As for 2023, will there be new mobile phones for registration this year?

HTC executives confirmed that "it is guaranteed."

Huang Zhaoying, general manager of HTC's global business, announced that a new mobile phone will be launched in the second quarter. The name will be kept secret for the time being, but it will also be combined with metaverse applications. The positioning and specifications will be a bit higher than last year's Desire 22 Pro.

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HTC released its first Metaverse mobile phone, the Desire 22 Pro, in July last year. It focuses on combining its own Metaverse ecosystem, but it is not a flagship model. Its specifications are mid-range and the price is at the beginning of 10,000 yuan.

However, due to the lack of bright spots, the market response was mediocre, so what new changes will the next generation of metaverse mobile phones have?

Make the outside world extra curious.

HTC's first XR headset, the VIVE XR Elite.

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In addition, HTC launched the first XR headset VIVE XR Elite last month, positioning a new product line and using XR to lead more diverse experiences.

Equipped with 4 wide-angle tracking lenses, 1 high-resolution RGB color lens and 1 depth-of-field lens, it realizes a 6-axis spatial structure.

With the full-color see-through function, you can switch between the virtual and real worlds with one click without taking off the headset; the hand tracking technology can intuitively interact with both hands without relying on the hand controller.

VIVE XR Elite Taiwan has opened pre-orders a few days ago, and it is expected to be shipped in the middle and late February, with a price of 34,900 yuan.

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