Fire started coming out of the mouth of the polar bear while breathing!

magical picture went viral

The pristine icy landscapes of the Arctic often exude a magical quality.

A picture of a polar bear on this background of vast whiteness is going viral.

The photo has been clicked in such a way that it looks like a polar bear is spewing fire.

The effect was created when the hazy breath of a polar bear caught the faint orange light of the rising sun.

Wildlife photographer Josh Anon took this photo in 2015 while on a one-day Arctic expedition.

On Tuesday, a popular Twitter account named Massimo (@Rainmaker1973) tweeted the seven-year-old photo and wrote, "Photographer Josh Anon captures the perfect moment the rising sun sets this polar bear's backlit breath on fire." made".

Photographer Josh Anon captured the perfect moment in which the rising sun made this polar bear's backlit breath look like fire


[author's site:] pic.

— Massimo (@Rainmaker1973) February 7, 2023

So far this picture has got more than 27 thousand likes.

Commenting on this, a Twitter user wrote, "I am so impressed with the patience of some of these amazing photographers. They put in the hours, and we are the ones who get the gift." Another user wrote, "This is really America." Looks like outline.

That bear has some excellent artistic breathing going on!

And it's a really awesome picture.

In November last year, US-based Kittia Pawlowski made headlines after taking stunning photographs of the elusive snow leopard against the hostile snow-capped landscape of Nepal.

To photograph the leopard, Pavlovsky had to travel over 165 km on foot to reach the Khumbu Valley in Nepal.

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