During the burial ceremony of Ding Qiang Yangmingshan, Li Xuan knelt down and sobbed.

(Photo by reporter Pan Shaotang)

[Reporter Li Shaoling/Taipei Report] Veteran actor Ding Qiang passed away at the end of January at the age of 87. He was cremated on February 4. His wife Li Xuan and their children, who had been married for 52 years, appeared today (9th) at Yangmingshan No. A cemetery held a burial.

Ding Qiang's second son scattered the ashes with his own hands. Li Xuan's hands trembled and knees bowed and kowtowed. : "Thank you for coming." Producers Chen Huiling, Kou Shixun and Du Mansheng were also present, and the atmosphere was sad.

Ding Qiang's Yangmingshan burial ceremony, from left to right Li Xuan, his second son and daughter.

(Photo by reporter Pan Shaotang)

73-year-old Li Xuan, with white hair all over her head, chose a good position for Ding Qiang. She revealed that her husband did not allow her to talk about this topic, and even said: "It's better to die than live, why talk about this!" But she feels that the times are different, don't give too much to her children. Too many burdens and pressures, thinking that planting burials is a great act of kindness, which can support the earth, "How wonderful! I will do this in the future, and it is very good to do a great act of kindness at the end. Don't waste social resources." Li Xuan is very concerned The media who came to the scene kept saying: "Thank you everyone, you have worked hard, go back and rest, everyone is meritorious." They even put their hands together and bowed at 90 degrees, which was moving.

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Ding Qiang Yangmingshan burial ceremony.

(Photo by reporter Pan Shaotang)

Li Xuan said that he has not dreamed of Ding Qiang so far, "The son and daughter came, he knew that I must be very busy, so he didn't look for me, we Ding Qiang is really blessed, really blessed." People are concerned about whether Li Xuan has a good meal, She said: "It's rare for my children to come back. I eat whatever they eat. I'm so happy." She said that she will continue to act in the future and will not move to the United States with her children. Live, don’t disturb the children, and stay in Taiwan.”

Ding Qiang.

(File photo, photo by reporter Chen Yikuan)

However, after Li Xuan lost her husband, the next most important thing is to learn to be a person, "I am completely alone, I want to learn, this is something I am not used to, I used to rely on him for everything, now I am suddenly going to be the head of the house, I am a little scared , but it doesn't matter, I'm learning."

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