Fashion internet celebrity Chiara Ferragni (Chiara Ferragni) wore a "nearly naked" see-through dress on the stage at the 2023 San Remo Music Festival (San Remo 2023) yesterday (8), which made people dare not look directly at her. Revealing is actually a voice for women's autonomy through fashion.

Chiara Ferragni has made frequent moves in the past few days. First, at the Sanremo Music Festival, she appealed for the value of free thinking through a shawl with a manifesto printed on it, and then changed into several sets of topical outfits. See-through dress that seems to be completely naked. This dress is from Dior, which is an extension of the 2018 spring and summer series. The visually naked effect actually comes from exquisite embroidery craftsmanship. The body line of Chiara Ferragni is presented through the color of the embroidery. This dress is called "Shameless" literally means shame, but it actually hopes that women love their bodies and should not be ashamed of them.

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Chiara wore a visually see-through, almost naked dress, mainly for the concept of calling on women to be brave and love their bodies.

The gown isn't really see-through, it's just Chiara's body carved out in shades of embroidery.

Another white dress, also made by Dior, echoes Chiara Ferragni's debut identity, that is, "Internet celebrity". Internet celebrities must have a strong psychological construction in order to face the overwhelming comments on the Internet, especially for women. Discriminatory vocabulary has become a form of cyberbullying.

Therefore, Chiara Ferragni embroidered these acidic comments on the white dress with black beadwork. During the filming, she was more generous and smiled and made a "middle finger gesture" to represent her indifference to the abuse on the Internet.

Dior also released the detailed production process of the above clothing on the brand's official community, especially the meticulous embroidery process, which is amazing through photos and videos.

The last set was photographed together with her daughter Vitto, who is less than three years old, wearing a birdcage-shaped pannier, which also means that women should jump out of the cage frame. Although the three sets of clothes look sexy and avant-garde, they are actually all It is a concrete expression of fashion speaking for women.

The second dress is a white draped dress with many sour messages sewn with black beadwork.

In the third set, Chiara was photographed with her beloved daughter, wearing a pannier like a birdcage, which symbolizes that women should bravely escape the constraints of the frame.

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