In addition to continuously improving the sports mode and supporting more health detection functions for its smart watch Apple Watch series products, Apple has also devoted itself to the technology research and development of adding cameras and photography lenses to Apple Watch in recent years.

Recently, the U.S. Trademark and Patent Office published the latest patent (patent number US 20220400959) approved by Apple. This technology involves integrating the camera lens into the digital crown on the side of the watch, which will allow Apple Watch to have a camera function. .

In addition, when using the camera shooting function, the Apple Watch case can be quickly removed from the wrist through the disassembly mechanism, and the lens can be installed on the back of the case to perform specific functions.

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Apple's patented technology for developing a built-in camera lens for the Apple Watch has recently been approved by the US Patent and Trademark Office.

(Photo courtesy of Patently Apple)

Not only that, according to foreign media Patently Apple, the content of the patent document also mentioned that the camera lens and related technologies specially developed for Apple Watch can not only be integrated into the digital crown on the side of the watch, but also can be installed on the back of the watch case.

Using the camera lens on the back, it will be able to perform biometric authentication (such as vein verification), or use health sensors to detect physiological data and other multi-functional purposes.

Although the patent is approved, it does not mean that it will be applied to the new generation of Apple Watch soon, but it can be confirmed that Appleā€™s research and development of watch-specific camera lenses and patented technology is not only to bring a single camera to the Apple Watch smart watch It is not just a function, but focuses on biometric authentication, health detection applications and other fields.

In addition, as a side note, as early as 2020, third-party accessory manufacturers have launched a dual-lens "Wristcam" exclusive waterproof strap authorized by Apple, with built-in selfie lens and main camera recording function, suitable for Apple Watch Series 3 successor model.

The strap is sold separately for $299 (approximately 8,992 yuan).

The built-in camera on the strap supports the video call function, and it needs to be used with the Wristcam App, which is not suitable for FaceTime.

The Wristcam waterproof strap with built-in selfie camera and main camera specially made by third-party accessory manufacturers for Apple Watch will be available in 2020 for $299.

(Picture taken from Wristcam official website)