Google Translate can provide more translation options for different situations.


With the help of AI artificial intelligence technology, the quality of Google translation continues to improve. Google announced three major updates earlier, including contextual situational descriptions, a new application program interface, and expanded image translation.

English words usually have multiple meanings. The new version of Google Translate will provide more contextual translation options with explanations and various use cases. The official example is Bass in English. More example sentences can make people understand better. This function will Rolling out in the next few weeks, initially supporting English, French, German, Japanese and Spanish.

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In addition, the Android version of the Google Translate app has recently been replaced with a new design, and an update for iOS will also be launched in the next few weeks; the new version brings new gestures, better readability, and new languages ​​​​and more.

New gestures make Google Translate more convenient to use, such as pressing and holding the language button and quickly swiping to select a recently used language, and swiping down in the text area of ​​​​the main screen to quickly view recent translation records.

In addition, 33 languages ​​including Latin have been added for offline translation.

Thanks to AI, Smart Lens translates pictures very usefully. Advanced machine learning technology can integrate translated text into complex pictures (this feature is applicable to Android devices with more than 6GB RAM). Google said that it has recently expanded the pictures on the web page translate.

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