Shah Rukh Khan's doppelganger Dhoom

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The craze of the film 'Pathan', released on January 25, is not taking its name to subside.

In other words, the craze of Pathan and King Khan is increasing day by day.

After 2018, King Khan of Bollywood made a comeback and this film is setting new records every day.

Shah Rukh is getting amazing love from this film, but after Pathan's blockbuster hit, his doppelganger i.e. Humshakal also got beaten up.

After the success of Pathan, this person named Ibrahim Qadir has also become extremely popular.

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This person named Ibrahim Qadir recently shared his video on Instagram and wrote - Lots of love to all my fans and supporters of Patna.

In this video you can see that hundreds of people are surrounding him and that too just because he looks like Shahrukh Khan.

His gestures, features and his style of speaking are also exactly like Shahrukh and he also considers himself a big fan of Shahrukh.

People are commenting a lot on this video of Ibrahim, one wrote that, 'Just think when the duplicate of SRK is getting so much success, what stardom will the original SRK have'.

At the same time, a user commented that he was cheated after seeing you.

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Please tell that Ibrahim Qadir is very famous for making short videos on Instagram.

He has 403K followers, for whom he keeps sharing his funny videos.

Sometimes he dances like Shahrukh on shameless colors, and sometimes he poses stylishly by going to Burj Khalifa.

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Recently, he had posted another video of himself on Instagram, in which he was seen copying Jhoome Jo Pathan wearing a black shirt and wearing a hat, just like Shahrukh Khan.

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