Liu Qingyun (pictured on the left, right) and Guo Aiming have been married for 25 years. Although they have no children under their knees, they are as loving as ever. They recently got together with Li Yaoxiang and his wife (pictured on the right). Guo Aiming's frozen age has attracted attention.

(Hong Kong Sing Tao Daily)

[Reporter Lin Nangu/Comprehensive Report] 58-year-old Hong Kong star Liu Qingyun won the Best Actor Award at the 49th Golden Horse Awards in 2012 with the film "Death Gold". He has been married to 55-year-old Guo Aiming, who is also a Hong Kong star, for 25 years. Although he has no children, However, Enai's private life is as low-key as before, and she has always been a model couple in the circle.

Guo Aiming faded out of the scene in 2006 and concentrated on being the woman behind Liu Qingyun. Liu Qingyun and Hong Kong star Li Yaoxiang have known each other for more than 30 years. Recently, it was the Lunar New Year, and the two couples rarely reunited. Li Yaoxiang's wife Julia posted a lot of group photos. I haven't seen Guo Aiming for a long time His youthful appearance instantly became the focus.

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Guo Aiming (rear) wears glasses, has an outstanding temperament and is well maintained.

(Hong Kong Sing Tao Daily)

Li Yaoxiang's wife, Julia, left a message saying: "Share our happy Chinese New Year." In the photo, Liu Qingyun puts his shoulders on the shoulders of Li Yaoxiang and his wife, while Guo Aiming continues to be the husband's "behind woman". Glasses, wearing a checkered shirt, dressed plainly, looks quite good.

Many movie fans praised the 55-year-old Guo Aiming, who has faded out for many years, and still maintains a good figure and appearance; Guo Aiming won the championship in Miss Hong Kong in 1991 and entered the industry. The next year, he shot his first TV series "Big Times" and made a big splash. Because of this, he recognized Liu Qingyun, but At that time, the two were not in love. It was not until later that Hong Kong star Vivian Chow held a concert with the same drama, and the two were invited to attend the concert. They slowly began to date, and they have been married since 1998.

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