Anthony Wong Chau-sang competed for Best Actor at the Hong Kong Film Awards for his role as a taxi driver in "Youth by Day".

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[Reporter Zhong Zhijun/Taipei Report] The 41st Hong Kong Film Awards announced today (9) the shortlist. This film won last year's "Golden Horse Best Actor". This time he is nominated for Best Actor at the Hong Kong Film Awards for the fifth time. He also responded after receiving the good news of being shortlisted.

Huang Qiusheng was shortlisted for Best Actor for the 5th Academy Awards after "Eight Immortals Restaurant: Human Pork Pork Buns", "Beast Detective", "Ip Man: The Ultimate Battle" and "The Fallen Man". He was happy and threw out 4 words "A bit of pressure"; he debuted for many years, although his appearance is domineering and majestic, he is actually very humble. Last year he was interviewed by a Taiwanese media, and was asked if he had the confidence to win the Golden Horse Best Actor?

He also smiled and said "I dare not think too much" and "I have no confidence".

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This time Huang Qiusheng did not change his humorous nature and said: "Of course the best actor nominated for the Academy Awards is very happy, as happy as hosting a wedding banquet, but it costs a lot of money to host a wedding banquet, so there is a little pressure." This time he will In the "Actor Project", I met Mak Pei-tung and Yang Weilun, the "dark horses" of "The Corridor of Justice", as well as Liu Qingyun of "Detective Wars" and Zhang Jicong of "A Dust on a Narrow Road".

Lin Nuo was shortlisted for the "Best New Actor" at the Hong Kong Film Awards for the first time with "Youth in the Day".

(Provided by Caichang)

"Youth in the Day" is also the first time that director Liu Guorui and child star Lin Nuo have been shortlisted. The director even expressed his expectation for Taiwanese audiences: "I can support this film about foreigners."

The film "White" focuses on special refugee themes and delicately depicts the hidden corners of Hong Kong. Huang Qiusheng helps Lin Nuo to escape in the film. The two people who are not related by blood successfully interweave a father-son friendship; "Youth in the Day" Taiwan It will be released in Taiwan on March 31 at the same time as Hong Kong.

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