Today, the "Reading culture" project was launched at UNEC with the participation of well-known intellectuals of the country.

According to the information given to APA by the university, Shahbaz Khuduoglu, the director of "Qanun" publishing house, shared his views on the culture of reading, the problems faced by publishing houses, and the interest of the young generation in reading at the event:

"We shouldn't worry too much about generation Z."

Because it is generation "Z" that actually saves us as a publisher.

If publishers had relied on libraries, they would not exist today.

Universities create conditions for publishers to organize book fairs.

If there were no streets, if that young generation did not buy books, there would be no publishing house in Azerbaijan.

In my opinion, the attitude towards the book should change everywhere, including in thinking.

Not everyone in society can read only books.

Health, success, entertainment, theater, cinema, culture should be next to the book.

People in Azerbaijan are very indifferent to their health and intelligence and do not want to invest capital.

They go to the doctor only when they are sick, when their heart stops, and they pay for the book when the exams start.

But it should become part of the culture.

Books should not only be in universities, on the student's desk, they should be everywhere.

For example, there are books in the subways in London and Turkey.

Newspapers devote a large part to articles about books.

There are no books in our life.

Where there is no absence, we cannot ask the student, the new generation, to read books.

I sometimes look at textbooks on economics and law.

It is impossible to understand.

This was written by Azerbaijani scientists.

Scientists should change their language, change their thinking.

A scientist becomes a true scientist by simple thinking, he should educate people by writing in simple language.

In modern times, it is impossible to find and print even a single scientific popular literature.

Let's turn to the forced translation literature.

Yes, there are many objections to translations.

But we have no other way.

Look, every year the list of books read by the 5 richest people in the world is published.

The leaders of Amazon and Google read 100-120 books every year, setting an example to young people that the book must be read.

According to world statistics, as well as Turkey's latest published statistics, book reading is not decreasing, on the contrary, the number of book readers is increasing.

As we know, the number of readers of paper books is increasing.

There are no e-books or audiobooks in Azerbaijan.

We need to create an abundance of it so that young people can read books.

I support the "Reading culture" initiative implemented by UNEC.

I would like to see many discussions about book readers.

Writers should be given the opportunity to directly access the audiences and the new-thinking "Z" generation."