A middle-aged man suffered from priapism, which was hard and painful for more than half a day. He rushed to see a doctor, and was treated promptly by Li Shengping, a urologist at Nantou Hospital, before he improved.

(Provided by Nantou Hospital)

[Reporter Liu Binquan/Report from Nantou] Some men think that the longer the erection lasts, the stronger the representative ability, but "holding high" for too long may not be a sexual blessing.

A 45-year-old man woke up and found that his "that word" tuna would not fall, but it was hard and painful for more than half a day. After a long time, he rushed to the doctor. The Nantou Hospital of the Ministry of Health and Welfare diagnosed him with priapism (Priapism), fortunately, it was treated in time and has improved after treatment. The doctor reminded that if there is a delay in seeking medical treatment, it may cause permanent erectile dysfunction, which will cause a lifetime of regret.

Li Shengping, a urologist at Nantou Hospital, pointed out that priapism can be divided into three types: ischemic priapism, non-ischemic priapism, and intermittent priapism. The man was diagnosed with ischemic priapism Erection (ischaemic priapism), when the penis continues to be erect, the cavernous body is hard, and almost no arterial blood flows into the cavernous body, and patients usually have penile pain.

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Most patients do not know the exact cause. It may be related to drugs, trauma or sickle cell anemia. This patient has Sickle Cell Disease, which means that the red blood cells in the blood have a sickle shape and may be blocked in the penis. The blood vessels in the penis caused the abnormal persistent erection of the penis, accompanied by pain. Fortunately, after the injection was used to suck blood from the cavernous body of the man, the erection symptoms have obviously subsided.

Li Shengping said that in addition to conservative treatment such as draining the blood of the cavernous body, it is also possible to arrange intracavernosal injection of adrenergic receptor agonists to shrink the cavernous body and reach the resolution period. Surgical treatment.

He also reminded the majority of men that if the penile erection lasts for more than 4 hours without stimulation, it is recommended to seek medical examination and receive medical treatment as soon as possible. If it is ignored or delayed, the erection time may cause damage to the penile cavernous tissue and cause permanent loss of erection Function.

Li Shengping, a urologist at Nantou Hospital, reminds men that if the penis erection lasts for more than 4 hours without stimulation, they should seek medical examination.

(Provided by Nantou Hospital)

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