The popular Korean girl group TWICE will release their 12th mini-album in March. Before the members started to promote and play hard, they released the latest endorsement film yesterday (7th). The nine members once again changed into energetic golf outfits. Appearance once again aroused the topic.

However, sharp-eyed fans discovered that Zhou Ziyu from Taiwan was arranged to "stand aside" in the group photo, but Ziyu wore an eye-catching red and white stripes with a 30 cm short skirt above her knees, showing off her superb legs and still stealing the spotlight!

TWICE endorsed golf apparel brand Pearly Gates last year, which greatly boosted brand awareness.

TWICE, which is about to release its 12th mini-album "Ready To Be" on March 10, has already begun to release teaser news on its official account, making fans look forward to it. However, before the official release of the album, TWICE released the latest endorsement photos first .

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TWICE continues to endorse Pearly Gates this year, and all members put on golf outfits.

Last year, TWICE, which took over the endorsement of the Japanese golf apparel brand Pearly Gates, continues to endorse all members this year. The brand released the latest spring and summer posters for 2023 yesterday (7). Pants, paired with student-like stockings, show vitality and fashion.

TWICE's 2023 Spring/Summer Pearly Gates latest endorsement photo, showing full of vitality.

The members changed their looks for the shoot.

The short skirts lined up in a row are super eye-catching.

In addition to the group photo, the nine people all took personal endorsement photos, but some fans found that during the group photo, Tzuyu was arranged to "stand aside" due to height issues, but she wore a red and white striped POLO shirt with a height of 30 cm above her knee. The white short skirt, the whole person's sky-defying legs are super eye-catching, even if he stands by the side, he is still not afraid.

In the group photo, although Tzuyu is standing by the side, her beautiful legs steal the spotlight.

Fans also boasted: "It's not a problem to be beautiful anywhere", "I want to have the same style as Tzuyu", "This group looks good", "Super energetic and suitable for them", "Golf queens show up again"!

Tzuyu paired a red and white striped POLP shirt with a knee-length miniskirt.

Tzuyu changed into a yellow and black polo shirt with a black skirt for another set.

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